Design Champion: Tom Dixon x Assaf Granit


Designer Tom Dixon pairs up with chef Assaf Granit for a deliciously aesthetic collaboration.

A food and design playground offering Middle Eastern-inspired cuisine

Located opposite the recently regenerated Coal Yard Drops in King’s Cross, Coal Office is the brain-child of British designer Tom Dixon and acclaimed chef Assaf Granit.


The restaurant functions as a laboratory to test out ideas in comfort, dining, and luminosity in interior design. Every detail is well considered and comes together to form this cool space-age environment, all while omitting the sterility that I think this design style can suffer from.


“A complete collaboration between design and cooking; this is an active and engaged experience beyond just eating…Each guest to Coal Office is witness to an entirely different experience – seeing it from their own unique angle or vista”

Tom Dixon

I’m a big fan of these intergalactic looking Melt Pendant lights.

Enjoy an excellently crafted meal and buy the tableware to take home.

So, if any of you are reading this are in the area- I’d recommend the josperised aubergine, and the plate it comes on.


Bon appétit.