A new chapter in design: Milan Design Week 2013


Our take on the fresh and new at Milan Design Festival 2013

A massive sign for a massive place

Every year for a week in April, Milan transforms into a design haven, where designers, the design curious and rather a few design students visit the city to soak up what is new in design.

As a bunch of seasoned design researchers we’re constantly looking out for what is new and what it will mean for consumers in the future. So naturally, as the Milan Design Festival is known for being the biggest, broadest and most innovative design trade show in the world, we went along to take a look.

After what felt like the earliest start of all time (3am cab anyone?), TBP made it over to the gigantic Salone del Mobile space and got stuck straight in, looking at what design houses are focusing on offering for the next year.

Away from the huge event at Rho Fiera, Milan closes up shop and lets all the designers’ exhibit their wares in 100s of exhibitions that take place across the city.

Nendo pebble courtyard
Nendo pebble courtyard

With emergent trends being our bounty, it was essential to see the most cutting edge examples of design – so the ‘cooler’ area of Ventura Lambrate seemed like a must-visit place to visit.

The design fair in its entirety is a hotbed for spotting emergent trends, and along the way there were many cutting-edge themes coming through. Greenery as a trend in interiors has really been amplified, with the visual merchandising at Rho Fiera appearing to be half design, half jungle. On the flipside to this trend, there were many examples (such as The Cottage Industry vases below) that took nature, and injected horticultural, scientific cues – which in execution appeared really modern and fresh.

Test tube vases by The Cottage Industry
Test tube vases by The Cottage Industry

Many design trends came from the 1000s of things that were on show in Milan, and over the coming months TBP will be sharing these trends with you in our upcoming Milan Design Trends series.

Shaping Fluid by Christina Schou Christensen