A tale of two cities: our company away days


Here at The Big Picture, we like to celebrate all the hard work our team puts in to make sure our research is consistently top-drawer. As part of celebrating our awesomeness, we’re treated to an annual out-of-office.

This year, both of our offices were treated to a city break in two of the most beautiful places our respective lands have to offer; Cambridge and The Great Peconic Bay. Our UK team was sent to galivant around the university city and attempt to punt their way around the colleges. While, across the pond, the US office made its way to Long Island before doing away with public transportation to travel in style.


It's harder than it looks!
Unorthodox methods of transport? We got you.
Ahhh - the sound you make when punting under the Bridge of Sighs

The activities that our social team had excellently planned out for us were greatly enjoyed on either side of the Atlantic. We had the Brits getting in touch with their inner Michelangelo (the artist, not the turtle) by chiselling out sculptures from giant blocks of ice. Thanks to the cool guys at Techne Ice, who taught us the ins and outs of ice carving (we’re basically experts now), no one lost a limb in the pursuit of artistry.

Pictured: Chris donating his head to become Ilenia's arm-rest
The king and queens of staying chill under pressure

Having arrived at their destination by limo, the US continued their day sophisticatedly; by becoming connoisseurs of wine. Their first stop was the beautiful Lenz winery, where they pretended to be in the French countryside, ate sandwiches / salads / cheese and…. drank wine.

Longue Ile ou Long Island? Who’s to say

They then headed to their second stop, Osprey Dominion, for – surprise surprise – more wine, and some afternoon art therapy! The final port of call was Sparkling Pointe, where they tried a variety of bubbly beverages and soaked in the last of the sun.

Are we sommeliers yet?
The brush flows more freely after a few glasses of wine

Both teams got really lucky with the weather and had a cracking day out away from the city limits. Here’s to a brilliant year- we’re already looking forward to what the next year brings!

Just look at those smiles!