Bloomon – the gorgeous flower subscription service DTC brands can learn from


Ellie Dent

Senior Research Executive

The simple, elegant and thoughtful DTC experience provided by Bloomon – a flower subscription service – impressed us when we tried it out recently. A great example of how to get DTC right, read on to see what direct-to-consumer brands can learn.

I’ve tended to shy away from flower delivery services in the past. My experience historically has been bargain basement quality flowers in generic & cliché styles that wilt after a few days and never look as good at home as they do on the website.

bloomon 2

As with many of my shopping choices, leave it to Instagram to change my mind. Last year I noticed more and more gorgeous bouquets popping up on my feed, and so I branched out and got my first Bloomon delivery.

I won’t beat around the bush – I’m in love.


Bloomon’s bouquets bring the outdoors indoors with a bold and quirky contemporary scandi aesthetic. Breaking all the rules of traditional floristry, each stem in a bouquet is different; stems are different heights & colours, and foliage play a large part. In short, these flowers aren’t for shrinking violets.

Rather than selecting a specific bouquet, all bunches are specially curated by incredibly talented & artistic florists, and styles change weekly based on what’s in season. It’s impossible to get bored!

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 13.04.50

The clever team at Bloomon also identified that a common problem with flower delivery services was that how a bouquet looks is largely down to how they are arranged in a vase. So each bouquet comes with tips & tricks of how to arrange them, and the company runs (often sold out) flower arranging workshops across London.

DTC brands can learn from the many small details Bloomon gets right;

  • Their website is beautiful, elegant, and ultimately easy to use
  • The delivery cost is included in the overall price, removing a common pain point
  • They tell you an exact delivery slot the flowers will arrive, so no waiting around
  • If you’re not in to receive them they leave the flowers in a bucket of water – a thoughtful touch
  • Every now and then you get a free gift included (see my free stem knife and tea-towel to help with arranging)