Christmas wrapping


Christmas is upon us, and so is the festive packaging. Here’s our round-up of the good, the bad and the ugly of seasonal design.


For consumers, it’s a perplexing season replete with purchasing indecision…

For brands, it’s the biggest retail moment of the year offering a veritable wonderland of opportunity to express themselves in a more light-hearted, festive manner.

And what better way to do this, than with a special Christmas pack?

Indeed, if executed well, a seasonal pack will inject some festive flair and personality into the brand by leveraging the brand’s key equities in a new way.

To show you how, we’ve picked few of 2010’s best festive packs from a mix of luxury and FMCG brands. Marvellous.

Moët & Chandon

Given Christmas is the Champagne season, making sure your brand stands out above the rest is vital. Moët & Chandon do exactly this with their limited edition ‘Midnight Gold’ lambskin jacket by French designer Camille Toupet.

The pack takes key equities from the regular bottle (‘X’ motif and gold bottle neck) and strips them down to make a sophisticated and contemporary style statement. It also exudes a suitably festive personality thanks to its use of Swarovski crystals and gilded pearls which bolster premium cues and hint at the bubbly stuff inside.

This is a perfect (albeit pricey) example of how progressive festive packaging can be towards the top end of the scale. We’ll ‘cheers’ to that!


Luxury London perfumer Penhaligon’s collaborates with design firm JKR to whip up an inspired offering for Christmas 2010 revolving around a visually rich fantasy world of anthropomorphic animals.

Compared to the rather clinical packaging most perfumes are subjected to these days, this pack tells a story and radiates a sense of wonderment that is synonymous with Christmas. It also conveys brand heritage in a way that feels contemporary, charming and considered. Seasonal packaging at its very best – we look forward to 2011.

Stella Artois

Now for a rather intelligent offering from Belgian heavyweight Stella Artois who present us with a simple yet well-designed take on the beer box.

Ok, so gold snowflakes and red ribbons aren’t exactly revolutionary, however they are in keeping with Stella’s colour scheme and promote the brand’s premium cues. The pack also reminds the consumer of Stella’s festive heritage with the slogan ‘Originally crafted for Christmas’, also used in this rather witty festive ad.

Cathedral City

No Christmas would be complete without a cheese course, and this one is courtesy of Cathedral City.

The ever present Cathedral arch is complemented by a ‘Narnia-meets-Harry Potter’ winter scene that dials up the brand’s traditional values effectively. A commendable attempt to disrupt a relatively uninspiring shelf with graphics that avoid all festive clichés. Simple, effective and surprisingly uncheesy.

And finally, a festive wooden spoon of sorts…

Mini Babybel

These somewhat textbook seasonal images are a tad lacklustre, especially for a brand which is usually fun, energetic and tongue-in-cheek, we would have liked to have seen something hinting at the personality exuded in their ingenious Tiny Factory advert from 2008. Looks like it’s coal for you this year Babybel.