Design Champion: Delta x Alessi


Alison Starr

Director, London

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Delta takes premium cabin customer experience to new heights with their Alessi designed dinner service

If anyone happens to be flying with Delta Airlines any time soon, I have a favour to ask; I’m going to need you to partake in some light thievery* and bring me some of their Alessi-designed tableware. The curves, the corners, the squircles, the pale mint green – I must have some!

Alessi x Delta 1

Aired in April, the 86-piece collection of cutlery and crockery was designed exclusively for Delta’s premium class cabins. But this is a departure from Alessi’s iconic anthropomorphised products and quirky homeware. What they’ve created here is a very clever design that simultaneously combines a pragmatic practicality, a retro throwback to the heyday of air travel, and a modern “global aesthetic” – think Japanese / Scandi minimalism with a touch of flair.

Of course, the collection was designed for the unique challenges and considerations of air travel – efficient storage, extensive use / breakability issues, withstanding air pressure etc – but I personally think it would look great in my kitchen too.

*Disclaimer: I’m not actually encouraging stealing, that would be irresponsible. But I do really want some…

Alessi x Delta 3

Alessi x Delta 4