Design Champion: LOCO Studio


Russian design firm LOCO Studio developed an animated pack design for ‘Nord Stream’, a conceptual line of canned seafood products.


Okay, I confess- I’m not usually one for preserved seafood, but chances are, you’re probably not either.


So try and keep an open mind here, because once you’ve seen these packs designed LOCO Studio, you’ll probably have to re-evaluate your opinions on canned food too (you’re just going to have to trust me on this).

‘Nord Stream’, a conceptual brand created by LOCO Studio, was born out of the desire to design these fun, interactive packs of canned seafood products- and buoy oh buoy are they a hit (sorry, I had to).


Each pack uses a unique line moiré to depict the sea creatures inside…

Apologies to the vertigo sufferers amongst you

…resulting in a dancing seafood animation when you open the package (which could keep me entertained for an embarrassingly long time).

Just look at him go!
wiggle wiggle wiggle