Fast design on the rise


It’s fun, unwieldy and possibly even problematic; straying away from conventional design codes to stand out from the crowd. It enables a brand to showcase its personality through iconography, patterns, textiles, vibrant colours and flamboyant typefaces to communicate a powerful point of difference in a new and creative way. It’s fast design

No one quite knows where the trend came from but the combination of garish colours, psychedelic undertones and rebellious attitude can hark back to the 90s. If done well, this gaudy aesthetic feels timeless and shines a spotlight on the consumer experience.


Typically, the category these brands perform in are hyper-competitive and require a certain level of disruption if they want to engage with someone who frankly, doesn’t have time to browse the drinking or snacking aisles.


Disruptive, loud and proud, fast design often features across a brand’s sub-range with starkly eclectic designs to make each product in the range unique. There are no limitations, just a carefree undercurrent that is quite honestly, a visual feast.


Successful designs tend to permeate the lifestyle space and can turn into brand love where the visual goes beyond shelf and into the consumers lives like a stamp of their own identity.

Arizona emblazoned nail art
Brewdog's 'OverWorks' merchandise

The brewing industry is commonly thought of as being at the forefront of fast design as craft beers compete and release limited edition brews year after year. This adds an element of excitement to the consumer experience as fast design heightens appeal and eludes to an air of exclusivity where consumers are ‘in the know’.

Hypnotic Beast

Hypnotic Beast sport detailed graphics of whimsical creatures that stir intrigue and imagination. Each concept is thoroughly thought out and reflects the artisanal nature of the product in a contemporary way.

Brewdog's ‘OverWorks’

Brewdog’s sour beer range ‘OverWorks’ implements celestial imagery, cosmic landscapes and iridescent colours while retaining its punk attitude.

Halo beer

Toronto based brewery Halo, reflect their brewing philosophy in their design sensibilities experimenting with geometric patterns and pop art palettes to provide a look and feel that is modern and energetic.

Navas tonic water

Navas, a Cornish botanicals brand, draws inspiration from the serpentine rock of the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall to inspire photogenic Jackson Pollock splats. The blend of bright modern colours juxtaposed against a sleek cut label ’N’, cue premium notes while reminding us of its Cornish connections.

Proper Corn

Proper Corn collaborated with artists to create a unique set of designs that use colour blocking and animating hero ingredients to show off each flavour and the brand’s playful roots.

Cornetto (Turkey)

Cornetto (Turkey) created a range with a set of distinct personalities to explore different moods with personalisation and pop art decor. There’s a sense of curated chaos with copy that speaks out to the hopeless romantic or the intrepid spirit.

Fast design is packed with personality and testament to the turbulent times we live in offering a sense of escapism where creative work doesn’t take itself so seriously.