Innovation Station


We’re in Marketing Week this week for our innovative approach to research new products for ‘yummy mummy’ baby brand, MAM

This week we’re grateful to the great team at Austrian ‘yummy-mummy’ brand MAM for telling Marketing Week all about how our innovative approach to researching UK mums’ thoughts and usage of bottle steriliser products transformed its new product development.

MAM head of international market research Andreas Woppmann told Marketing Week journalist Michael Barnett how The Big Picture’s use of real-time online diaries in advance of focus groups helped to get a true and accurate picture of what UK mums do, as well as think.

Read his comments as part of Marketing Week’s special report on market research innovation here.

The Big Fixture - our new shopper lab methodology

Speaking of innovation, we’ve recently started trialling our very own shopper lab, ‘The Big Fixture’, which records consumer reaction to packaging design in a retail environment. More on The Big Fixture to follow, but if you’re desperate for more information on it, give us a ring and ask to speak to Su Abeysuriya.