Introducing our new charity partner!


Chris Aukett

Board Director, London

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We’re very proud to announce our partnership with local charity, MERU

We like to think that we’re a fairly friendly and considerate bunch over here at The Big Picture; we do our bit for carbon offsetting, help old ladies off buses and our MD, John, even supports Newcastle United – a truly selfless act!

But recently we’ve been wondering if we could do a little more. After all, we dedicate a great deal of time and effort to making design work harder for our clients, so why don’t we apportion a little time to doing the same for a more charitable cause…

That’s why we’re proud to announce MERU as our new charity partner!

MERU: The Big Picture
MERU: The Big Picture’s new charity partner

MERU designs and produces life-changing equipment for children and young people with disabilities. Based in Epsom, Surrey, they offer an individual service to young disabled people when no other solution exists by designing and custom-making equipment specifically for each child.

We’ve started by funding MERU’s purchase of an injection-moulding tool that will enable them to reduce production costs of one of their key products. Beyond that, we’ll be donating our time and expertise to help them hone and produce their fantastic products.

We hope our contribution will support MERU’s commendable work. You can find out more about MERU here.