Introducing… The Big Space


We’ve opened a brand new research space in our beautiful Central London offices!


Exciting news: we’ve opened a brand new space in our beautiful Central London offices here in Waterloo!

Cannily titled ‘The Big Space’ (see what we did there?), our new venue is just that: a big, flexible, creative space, suitable for all sorts of different applications.

‘What kind of applications?’, I hear you cry. Well, how about this for starters:

Creative workshops: The Big Space has multiple different areas & environments, perfect for our creative consumer workshops.

Discussion groups & 20Twenty: for more traditional qual research as well as our popular 20Twenty methodology, we’ve got a video-link studio which means we can conduct discussion groups while you sit in the comfort of our viewing room and watch the live HD video feed on a massive LCD TV.

Meeting room hire: fancy a change of scene? If you’re one of our clients, you’re very welcome to come and work in our lovely, naturally-lit, wifi-enabled meeting room for a small fee. We might even make you the occasional cup of tea.

Sounds good, huh? The Big Space is open to all of our clients right now. And here’s the best bit: commission us for research, and we’ll tag it on to our proposal for a fraction of the cost of other Central London research facilities.

Interested? Give us a shout in the normal ways, or talk to us about it when commissioning us.