Quant Senior Research Executive


2+ years' experience of running projects in an executive research role


Graduate Degree


London, UK

Role Description:

You’ll be coordinating a wide range of quantitative projects, driving all stages of the project lifecycle so that they run as smoothly as possible. Your focus will be on coordinating all aspects of project management, writing proposals, drafting debriefs, undertaking analysis, liaising with clients and suppliers and ensuring all team members contribute what is needed.


Main Accountabilities


Analyses, investigates and discusses briefs in conjunction with a senior team member, coordinating all inputs for the proposal (including costings, input from team members, etc.).

Writes draft proposals for a range of project types, to the briefing and scope given. Manages the checking, further input and feedback rounds to finalise the proposal to the client, plus any subsequent client changes.

Responsible for running and completing all the administrative activities required to set up projects and agreeing the project schedule with all parties.

Responsible for ensuring the project runs to budget, checking in with the Project Lead when required.

Leads on day to day logistics and keeping all members of the team updated

Is aware of sampling requirements and can make decisions regarding quantitative quotas

Can competently write questions or specific sections of a questionnaire

Anticipates any potential project pitfalls, liaising closely with suppliers and clients to resolve any issues.

Prepares for datamerge, contributing their analysis and point of view to create a full research picture.

Ensures the scope is agreed and approved by the Project Lead.

Plays a major part in presenting the findings at the debriefs and notes any action points for follow-up or amendments to the report.

Participates in Set-up meetings and End of Project Reviews (EOPR), and ensures both project and team objectives are shared and discussed.



Works closely in partnership with the client throughout a project, establishing themselves up-front as the day-to-day project management contact, effectively managing their expectations and keeping a good communication flow.

Liaises with client, design agency and internal resource to ensure delivery of the expected and required stimulus package.



Delegates and engages junior colleagues on a project, ensuring they’re fully invested in the projects and its objectives.

Supports and guides junior colleagues, helping them learn and develop.

Checks with the senior member of the project team at all other decision points on client projects.



Supports senior team members on the conception and delivery of internal initiatives. Contributes thoughts, ideas and collecting information from suppliers.

Undertakes one-off internal projects which involve primary and / or secondary research, analysing the findings and representing them in charts and reports, or contributing to marketing think-pieces, writing blogs or other material promoting TBP’s work.

Role Context

The SRE is responsible for coordinating projects, always working with a senior team member.  They will coordinate more junior team member(s) on each project. They will have an assigned Development Manager, responsible for their performance reviews, progression, learning and development and mentoring on the day-to-day matters that are outside the remit of the individual projects.


Person Specification

In addition to the competencies stated below TBP will be looking for:

Analytical ability

Good accuracy and attention to detail

Decision-making within their area of responsibility

Interest in design and how people interact with it

Curious and interested in talking to people / finding out what they think

Interest in brands and how they communicate to people

Flexible and adaptable, willing to get involved in any aspect of our work

Strong critical thinking


Knowledge & experience

Jobholders will have a strong academic record / be educated to graduate degree level.

They will have at least 2 years’ experience of running projects in an executive research role.


Experience required

Office software (Apple: Keynote, Pages, Numbers; and Microsoft: PowerPoint, Word, Excel)

Analytical ability, to gain insight from data

Managing a challenging workload and delegating appropriately

Organising information

Working in a team with others and coordinating activity

Experience of working with design, or strong interest in it

Understanding and using research processes

Presenting ideas, concepts or information

Knowledge of the MRS Code of Conduct



Core Competencies


Team working / Partnership




Personal Impact 


Future-thinking / Innovation

Problem-solving & Decision-making


Job-related Competencies:

Primary focus:

Research Project Support

Research Project Management

Research Project Communication

Supplier Management

Client Relationship Management

Developmental areas:

Design Knowledge

Business Development

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