Less Santa, more style


It’s definitely starting to feel a lot like Christmas and we’ve taken a look at how brands are incorporating festivity into the packaging

The air has definitely gotten a little crisper and the big scarves are coming out in abundance. With Christmas a mere week or so away it’s hard not to get sucked into the spirit of things – particularly when it comes to dabbling in a little bit of seasonal shopping.

Whilst fervently trawling the Internet for appropriate secret Santa gifts it’s become apparent that the glitz and glam of Christmas has been dialed down this year, and the evocation of a ‘right old festive time’ through packaging is being cued in more subtle ways….

Waitrose, Turkey Tomorrow, Boursin

The Festive Whisperers

Turning the volume down to 1, these big brands have chosen not to scream and shout about Christmas, but quietly convey their viewpoint. Turkey Tomorrow allows Chicken Tonight to cleverly think beyond the big day and Waitrose and Boursin tap into the season via Christmassy apparel and seasonally appropriate ingredient imagery.

Julefryd, onetwotree, Method, Lebkurchen

Subtly Stylish

Staying away from big bold Santa reds, these products are tapping into the Christmas story very lightly via simple iconography, minimal colourways and are adding fanciness in some cases via more festive font choices.

Lindt Lindor, Harriet’s Jolly Nice Ice-Cream, Sandpiper Chocolate by Koko Black

Festive Implications

These products are definitely starting to show their seasonal attributes, but none of them however are actually ‘proper’ Christmas products, being styled with festive imagery illustrative styles reminiscent of primetime classics such as A Christmas Carol.

Crabtree & Evelyn, Penhaligon

Victorian Showstoppers

After a year of full-blown brand nostalgia spurred on by the Diamond Jubilee, premium brands Penhaligon and Crabtree & Evelyn not satisfied with the 20th Century are taking a step further back in time into the Victorian era. Intricate and detailed imagery gives their Christmas packaging a handmade and luxurious feel without going over the top on the ostentatious-o-meter.

For some however the spirit of the season should be explicitly clear. Indulgent colourways, Santa/Rudolph galore and snow-topped houses may lack sophistication, but they certainly do make a great festive point.

Merry Christmas from all of us at The Big Picture.