Lifesum Green


How an app is using consumer data to fuel product development


If products’ success is determined by the extent to which they meet consumer needs, then identifying those consumer needs becomes the central challenge. Today more data is collected on consumers than ever before, with movement, menstruation and everything in-between tracked, logged and mined for insight.

That trend enables the development of products which can be tailored to meet consumer needs in a whole new way.

Enter Lifesum, an app which allows its users to track their diet and exercise in order to help them achieve a healthier lifestyle. A byproduct of those efforts is, with over 12m users, a valuable database of consumer habits.

That’s something they’re putting to good use. They analysed dietary and behavioural information from more than 30,000 London-based users in order to identify exactly what the city’s consumers could do with an injection of. Identifying a common lack of vital nutrients, as well as an excess of stress, tiredness and a fondness for alcohol (sound familiar, anyone?), they joined forces with Crussh to develop Lifesum Green, a drink designed specifically to address Londoners’ ailments.

Perhaps this points to a new approach to product development: consumers-up, not marketing-down.

Via LSN.