Marking change


Stuart Chapman


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Introducing our new look.

A lot has changed in the 22 years since we founded The Big Picture.

Technology has fundamentally shifted the relationship between consumers and brands. Our understanding of human psychology is more advanced than ever. Design has been promoted from the background to the boardroom.

Today marks further change, starting with our new identity.

To create it, we began with something that hasn’t changed: our unique position at the intersection of research and design. We are the first and only agency that combines expertise in research with fluency in design.

It’s this blend that allows us to go beyond what is expected of research – more than ‘just’ the findings, it allows us to deliver the ‘Big Picture’ for our clients.

1_Brandmark colour

Our new logo aims to tell that story. The combined ‘b’ and ‘p’ highlight that blend of expertise, while the colon alludes to the result of the combination. It’s a logo that asks: ‘what’s The Big Picture for your brand?’.

We’re putting that blend to work right away.

Real potential Venn

By blending real insight with real inspiration, we help to realise brand potential.

We’ve developed a number of new approaches that allow us to get closer than ever to consumers’ real world and how they relate to brand design.

We’ll announce more details of our new offers soon; in the meantime, we look forward to working with you to make real change happen for your brand.

Thanks to Dave Brown & his team at The Brand Union for creating the new branding for us, and Brad Purnell for the animation.