Meow’s the time: our new cat research methodology


Take a mewment to read about our new methodology

Update – 12pm, 1st April: April Fools (obviously). Sorry for all the terrible puns…

We’ve been researching consumers’ relationship with design for over twenty years. But there’s one important demographic that has, so far, eluded us. We’ve never truly been able to know their motivations, needs or barriers. What makes them tick? What makes their ticks tick?

Today that changes. We’re introducing our brand new methodology for cat research, The Critter Picture.

Critter Picture

This brand new methodology is set to put the cat amongst the pigeons in market research by furring the (fe)line between real response and fiction.

Senior Research Executive Kat Lee-Tahr said, “For too long we’ve been talking to cat owners about what they think their pets want. Today we’re using cutting edge technology to cut out the middleman, talking directly to the feline community themselves.”


Which of these best captures how you feel about Sheba?
Which of these best captures how you feel about Sheba?

Using specially trained moggerators, we apply a three-pawnt system for measuring animal response:

Wag Factor: capturing vigour of appendage oscillation as a measure of implicit emotional response
Auditory Cues: mapping aural vibrations to conceptual resonance – so we know when the idea is just purrfect
Cattitude: walking away, dozing off and exuding an all-encompassing aloofness can all be signals that a design is less than clawsome

Early tests have proven a real challenge, but we’ve already seen that structural packaging can win over our tricky audience: