Nature Valley Sweet & Nutty launched


How we helped General Mills launch NPD using an innovative behavioural methodology

We’ve got to admit that it fills us with pride when we stride around the supermarket seeing all those lovely bits of packaging we’ve helped bring to the shelves. And that pride is never stronger than when we were there ‘at the beginning’ – working on NPD, seeing a product from conception to completion.

Nature Valley Sweet & Nutty

Nature Valley Sweet & Nutty was one such project. We helped General Mills deliver the concept to UK shelves, guiding the development of the packaging design to ensure it hit the ‘sweet’ spot with consumers.

Of course, when you’re launching NPD, it’s tough. Not only do you hope shoppers will see your pack, but they also need to ‘get’ what it is. And when things like standout and comprehension are crucial, old-school focus groups simply don’t cut it.

The Big FixtureSo we employed our innovative shopper-lab based methodology, The Big Fixture. This puts pack to the test in a real-feeling supermarket, allowing us to get just about as close to reality as research can allow. It means we can simulate the ‘what if we launched this’ scenario, and understand what shoppers will really do. Watching consumers respond to the pack – and seeing how they navigate the Nature Valley range – helped us establish the right pack, and how it needed to balance that all-important ‘Nature Valleyness’ with an independent personality that signals ‘something a bit different here’.

Nature Valley Sweet & Nutty is on UK shelves now. To find out more about The Big Fixture or how we can help guide your NPD to fruition, why not drop us a line?