New Dulux logo


AkzoNobel’s new global identity for its paint portfolio has launched

AkzoNobel has unveiled the new global identity for its portfolio of paint brands.

We’re proud to have worked with AkzoNobel and designers Design Bridge on the project, which introduces an iconic, uplifting and truly universal ‘flourish’ to the brand. Our global research work, over three stages, revealed the new identity’s power to invoke a positive, motivating emotional response that can transcend cultural differences between regions.

The new Dulux logo starts to roll out in Asia

The new visual identity will roll out across all AkzoNobel’s brands, including Coral in Brazil and Flexa in Netherlands as well as Dulux, in more than 50 global markets in the next 18 months.

Read more on Marketing Week.

We also really like what Design Bridge have done to their office to celebrate the launch…