News Bulletin 01.04.11


This week was all about bold brand marriages: Coke & Karl Lagerfield, Vimto & Levi Roots and … Marmite & Vaseline?!

Fancy some fashion with your fizz?

This week on one hand we’ve witnessed the chic collaboration between Diet Coke and Karl Lagerfield with the unveiling of 3 new covers for their iconic aluminium bottle…

…and on the other, Unilever formed an (exceptionally) unlikely FMCG coalition between its Marmite and Vaseline brands, which – love it or hate it – is ingenious.*

Fiery Vimto anyone?On a similar note, Vimto have teamed up with Reggae Reggae Sauce entrepreneur, Levi Roots, to launch a new range of fruit juices and fizzies that will include a “fiery root ginger beer with lime ‘n’ honey and spicy reggae tomato juice.”  Having worked with Vimto in the past, we’re pretty excited about the offering, so look out for them in Tesco and Asda later this month…

A bottle of ale...

Marstons, the brewer of premium bottled ales, is set to launch two smaller sized glass bottles in a bid boost the performance of off-trade sales. Designed and made by O-I the new 330ml glass bottles will allow Marston’s to offer consumers ale multiplacks at the sub-£5 price point. For the Wychwood sub-brand, the bottle will still be embossed with the Hobgoblin motif, however an additional unembossed bottle will be rolled out to allow Marston’s to pack a variety of their ales in the same bottle.

Whittard of Chelsea

Design agency LRW have unveiled both a graphic and structural redesign of the Whittard of Chelsea tea and coffee emporium. The concept revolves around using ‘traditional themes designed for today’ and we think they’ve successfully updated the range whilst retaining the elegance and gravitas of the brand.

Very ap-peel-ing indeedSmirnoff Caipiroska showcase some novel ingenuity with the launch of a peelable label on their bottles of the Brazilian drink. Designed by JWT, the bottles feature perforated labels which have a texture akin to fruit, and which offer the consumer a highly appeeling(!) sensory experience.

*This story may not be relevant after 1st April.