News bulletin 02.09.11


This week we appreciate everything from Italian design that keeps you fit to premium beauty products fit for the medicine cabinet…


A great example of audacious Italian styling courtesy of Ciclotte. Yes, this is indeed an Italian take on the humble exercise bike… which although may seem more at home in a design museum, is available to buy and use in your very own pad. Designed by Luca Shieppati, the bike is made out of carbon fiber, steel and glass, and purposely keeps features to a bare minimum in order to help ‘call to mind sensations of the road’.  Although its main intention is to appeal to contemporary living by offering art and design that ‘performs’ (ergo, costs a small fortune), the focal point of the entire machine is the large wheel device which is purposely reminiscent of a C19th unicycle.

In keeping with the Italian theme, British sculptor Anish Kapoor has designed the latest espresso cup for Illy’s art collection. Using his own distinctive mirrored vein, what at first glance appears a simple, yet sophisticated (and thanks to the use of platinum, rather premium) design, upon exploration it offers an artistic twist. According to the Illy team, by placing the platinum saucer (which has a hole in the centre) on top of the cup: “an impression of diffuse light is created whose dimensions are hard to fathom. The flickering reflections prevent the hollow space from being perceived instinctively.” The perfect work of art for your kitchen (although perhaps not the dishwasher).

The 3rd best selling pop in the world, Diet Coke, is getting a limited-edition makeover to celebrate Coca-Cola’s 125th anniversary. Designed by Turner Duckworth, this simple, bold design aggrandizes the brand name to iconic status yet remains suitable stylish. And for all the design might arguably lack in originality, it certainly gains in terms of distinctiveness – or ‘Diet Cokeness’ as one should call it.

And finally, beauty brand Benefit Cosmetics is set to launch this rather radiant looking skin care collection early next year. Aptly named ‘b.right’ and designed by Maesa, the range of bottles, tottles and pots effectively blends the old with the new by adopting a modern apothecary vibe. This is achieved through the use of glass substrate and faux-cork caps, and tranquil (medicinal?) colourways that communicate cleanliness.