News Bulletin 03.06.11


This week it’s all about the before and after shots (oh, and some vodka ones too)…biscuits, condiments and kids drinks – it’s a packaging equivalent of Extreme Makeover

There’s nothing quite like a summer BBQ to get us going condiment-crazy, so check out this rather timely rebrand of Heinz’s Mayo – now officially called ‘Mayonnaise’:

Although the new look serves a strategic purpose (for it allows the product to be aligned with what’s currently on offer in Heinz’s Foodservice range), we also think it’s rather good. The gold trim around the keystone injects some sophistication and premiumness into the product, whilst the dual Heinz branding will no doubt augment ‘pop’ on shelf. Compared with its ‘no frills’ looking predecessor, this pack says ‘tradtional’ and ‘timeless’, and uses an egg visual to communicate a wholesome, lighthearted image.

We’re Absolut-ely loving this limited-edition bottle of ABSOLUT SF, which plays visual homage to… you guessed it, San Francisco! A rather ‘spirited’ mix of cityscape graphics and summery colourways encapsulate all that’s unique about the City by the Bay, namely its diversity, freedom of speech and culinary prowess. Fingers crossed for a London version soon…

Enhanced water brand bot has repackaged its nutritious beverage in order to target a more ‘mature’ audience. Originally launched as a drink for kids, the company found it was proving popular with health-conscious 18-34 years olds, and now wants to proffer a more appropriate pack. Primary colourways allow for strong brand blocking on shelf and hark back to its child-friendly roots, whilst the simple, modern graphics are both age- and future-proof.

Purveyors of oaty goodness, Nairn’s, have recently rolled out a new look for their Oat Biscuits:

Designed by Dragon Rouge, the new pack uses bold colourways to heighten taste cues and inject some richness and energy into the (reasonably) healthy snack.