News Bulletin 05.04.2013


Vicky Bryce-McIntosh

Senior Research Executive

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From class to coffee – all in this week’s News Bulletin


The seven faces of Britain
Which class are you?

Gone are the days of working, middle and upper class, according to a recent study by the BBC. The Great British Class Study suggests that there in fact seven classes and suggests that, by including measures such as interests and leisure activities, they are able to paint a more accurate picture of contemporary British society. It seems it’s no longer as simple as ABC1C2…


Bull dog
The changing face of Georgia’s Bulldog

This week we blogged about the challenges faced by sports clubs updating their identity. In keeping with the theme, this post looks at the redesign of the Georgia Bulldogs’ logo. The team’s identity has had a number of ‘looks’ over time, each adopting a revolutionary, rather than evolutionary approach. Hopefully this latest design will see this dog have its day.


Which would you chose as Your Future Bottle?
Which would you chose as Your Future Bottle?

We’re not one for beauty pageants here at TBP but we’ll make an exception for this line up. Admiring the finalists for Heineken’s Your Future Bottle 2013, we think it’s a tough decision for the judges! The competition challenges entrants to remix the Heineken bottle – an interesting exploration of brand equities. The winner will be announced at Milan Design Week next Thursday.


Happy bitrthday Nescafé!
Happy birthday Nescafé!

Nescafé is 75! And, as part of the celebration, they have released a montage of snapshots from their past. You can browse though old ads and take a peek at products from yesteryear. Nescafé is a great example of a brand with strong heritage and longevity – now there’s a reason to celebrate.


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