News Bulletin 05.08.11


This week we’re looking at kitsch cognac bottles, a new way to start our day and heritage kitchenware…read it here!

Falcon Enamelware : a kitchen staple since 1920, which although high in the functionality stakes, has tended to be overlooked in terms of style…until now. Indeed, thanks to a recent revamp of its entire identity, the brand has injected some modernity and relevance into its distinctive white enamel kitchenware. Shooting straight back onto the style-scene, the brand has introduced several new colours to complement their famous blue trim –  an equity which the minimalist packaging plays upon. A fabulous example of a heritage brand using simple yet chic branding which transitions perfectly from product, to pack, to website.

Weetabix must be positively glowing about their new packaging, which encompasses bright colourways and graphics to inject some vibrancy into the cereal staple. Designed by Springetts, the new look hopes to position the brand as an ‘ideal start to a busy day’ whilst retaining a sense of honesty and simplicity. Compared to the previous (rather staid!) pack, we feel this design works well at expressing flavour, wholesomeness and all the energy you’d need to kick start the day…

In some rather shock news, Kraft Foods this week announced it is to split into two separate companies; a global snack business (encompassing brands such as Cadbury, Milka and Oreo) and a North American grocery business (with the likes of Philadelphia and Capri Sun). The division is set to be complete by the end of 2012,  and according to CEO Irene Rosenfeld the aim is to “generate significant cash flow” from Kraft’s “remarkable set of iconic brands with industry-leading margins”.

And finally…Hennesy attempt to bring cognac into the modern era with rubber bottles and neon colourways. No doubt this design will split opinion, however we rather like this kitsch, modern execution of the pack, which showcases a more light-hearted, youthful side to the brand.