News Bulletin 06.05.11


It seems retro rules this week in another news bulletin from TBP HQ…

Design agency JKR have modernised Swan cigarette filters & papers, with the brand’s first revamp in over a decade. Bold colourways and (at times) psychedelic designs give the packs a retro, almost Warholesque feel, so much so – we’re sure the packs wouldn’t look out of place on the set of Mad Men.

It seems Jacob’s Club really do like a lot of chocolate on their biscuit as this week they unveiled a repackaged, reformulated ‘best ever’ version of their chocolatey treat. The new pack uses a white strip to improve variant navigation, sets the logo against a darker background to dial up the increased chocolate content, and encompasses more realistic flavour illustrations to bolster taste cues.

Heineken push experiential design boundaries with this new glow-in-the-dark bottle, which was launched at the Milan design trade show, Salone del Mobile, last month. Designed for the nocturnal market, the drink is made from Aluminium to provide the ‘ice-cold’ feeling of a can, yet has a classic glass bottle shape structure.


Makers of those crunchy corn Doritos snacks, Frito-Lay, have recently relaunched their original Taco flavour chips in the same pack from the 1960s. The design encompasses authentic colourways to hint at the hispanic essence of the snack, whilst the original sixties logo aids differentiation from the rest of the range, and bolsters standout. Someone pass the salsa!