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Vicky Bryce-McIntosh

Senior Research Executive

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The DBA Design Effectiveness Awards, shrinking sprays and Dyson’s latest innovation in this week’s News Bulletin


Flying the flag for effective design
Flying the flag for effective design

The DBA Design Effectiveness Awards 2013 were held last night – the event that puts great design in the spotlight. Brand42 were crowned the Grand Prix category winners for their redesign of the MailOnline website. In the Brand Identity category, design agency Dew Gibbons received a gold award for their rebranding of Happy Monkey smoothies, which saw sales value increase by a whopping 200%! We’d like to say a big congratulations to all of this year’s winners, and a special mention for Elmwood who have been named #1 design consultancy another year running.

Spray the sustainable way

Unilever are set to shake up the deodorant market with the launch of their ‘compressed’ aerosol can. At 75ml, it is half the size of their current standard cans and leaves less of a carbon footprint, but offers the same amount of product. Shrinking sprays? That’s what we call innovating the sustainable way!


Making over ITV

Check out how Matt Rudd of Rudd Studio created a visual brand identity for ITV – injecting warmth, dynamism and personality into the logo – here.


Pure and simple
Pure and simple

Chicco, the specialist baby and child brand, have launched a new range of 100% organic baby care products made from natural ingredients. FutureBrand were given the task of creating a brand name and visual identity that really encapsulates the brand values. ‘Organic’ shapes, simple yet fun illustrations, muted colour palates and the use of sustainable materials (the wooden caps have won the packs Forest Stewardship Council certification) creates a gentle, approachable look and successfully reinforces’s purity credentials.


Dyson’s Airblade Tap – a mere snip at £999

Like us, it’s Dyson’s 20th anniversary this year and with each year that passes, they just seem to get better (also like us, some would say!). Sometimes, it really is the simplest ideas that are the best and they seem to have done it again with this week’s launch of the Airblade Tap: a tap that both washes and dries your hands – eliminating the journey from sink to hand-drier. Efficient cleanliness at its best! Happy Birthday Dyson… and happy hand-washing everyone else.


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