News Bulletin 08.03.13


This week we’re getting Frank about cereal bars, and talking about both the Harlem and Shetland shake…


John Lewis eschew the recession slump
John Lewis eschew the recession slump

This week, the John Lewis Partnership bucked the recession trend, announcing a 9.2% rise in revenue over the past year with a 15% increase in profits. In the spirit of celebration, the company is set to share their £210.8m bonus pot with all staff – equating to a very healthy 17% of annual salaries.


Can the Harlem Shake really be organised chaos?
Can the Harlem Shake really be organised chaos?

This post on Fast Co Design implores us to watch the Harlem Shake simplified into dots. The findings? That chaos really can be organised.


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Getting frank about health…

We’re loving this honest packaging from The Frank Food company courtesy of Robot Food design agency. The recent launch of their ‘Frank Bar’ hopes to inject some dietary integrity into the cereal bar category, without sacrificing taste. Click here to read about their ties with a premiership footballer…


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The Shetland shake?

Brace yourself – the dancing horse has landed. Mobile phone company Three has launched their first brand campaign for four years in the form of a light-footed Shetland Pony strutting to Fleetwood Mac. The Wieden + Kennedy ad hopes to appeal to a target audience who enjoy sharing videos and photos via mobile, and ends with the strapline ‘Silly Stuff. It matters’. If you believe it does, why not follow the dancing pony trend on Twitter? #danceponydance


Did you guess last week’s NTB? If not, click here to reveal all. Then try your hand at this one:

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Name That Brand

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