News bulletin 08.06.12


Stuart Chapman


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Here’s the hot stories from this week…

A recent study highlights the just how important the store is to consumers’ purchasing decisions – with packaging at the heart. Findings suggest that a staggering 76% of purchase decisions are now made in-store. With point-of-purchase decisions at an all-time high, it’s increasingly important for brands to leverage good design in-store.

Sadly missing the Jubilee (pageant) boat by just a couple of days, here’s the new identity for Beefeater Dry gin, by NB Studio. Check out the full story – along with snazzy Beefeater Dry branded waistcoat & tie – on Design Week.

M&S is to open M&S Bank next month, with the first branch opening within the flagship Marble Arch store. M&S bank will eventually be rolled out at 50 stores across the UK, so it won’t be long before you can open an ISA at the same time as getting your pies, sir (… sorry).

Twitter has a new identity, along with some strict guidelines for its use. We’ve written a little something about it right here.