News Bulletin 08.07.11


This week we’re loving a new look Jamaica cake, the prospect of building our own burger, and a 2 week old sandwich…lovely

Neal’s Yard Remedies has upgraded the packaging for its range of serums, elixirs and premium treatment products with these cobalt blue bottles from Stölzle Flaconnage. The bottle, named ‘Anna’, was produced with the aim of updating its apothecary-based roots and uses a tall, elegant shape to convey the simple yet iconic style that the brand has become known for.

Fizzy Lizzy, an all-natural, carbonated fruit juice beverage, has undergone an identity and packaging redesign. The design neatly tells the whole brand story: bubbles and fruit are all you need. Perfect for that after-work (non-alcoholic) treat perhaps?

The nostalgia packaging trend is in full force it seems as Jamaica Ginger Cake from McVities has undergone its first brand revamp in over 10 years, with help from brand specialists Brandhouse. The new design features a tropical paradise theme, which is redolent of the brand’s roots, and uses “warm and brown colours, and a new and bolder typeface” to help the product stand out on the shelf. A subtle change for this well loved product.

Ever wished that your sandwich could stay fresher for longer? Well, now it can thanks to a new pack that keeps your sandwiches fresh for two weeks! Using a process called “gas flushing”, the pack replaces oxygen with carbon dioxide and nitrogen in order to keep your lunch fresh (albeit at the cost of nutritional value…veggies soggy the sandwich you see). Look out for Booker’s (food and drink wholesaler) launch of their chicken tikka and ploughman sandwiches (with a slightly acidic mayonnaise which acts as a preservative) soon.

Warning – this news story may get those tummies rumbling…

Innocent is branching out into other forms of food goodness, with a brand new cookery book entitled “Hungry?”. The book is very much in-keeping with the brand’s house style, with witty captions and copy, and fun tips for kids and adults alike. The book’s visuals also reflect Innocent’s quirky approach to design, with a toy JCB included in the construction of a yummy (build-your-own) burger. So, what’s next for the brand? A utensil line? An Innocent branded food blender? The world is their oyster it seems!

In last week’s bulletin we broke the exciting news about the launch of Turbo Tango; the tangy pop that you spray (yes, spray) into your mouth. Described as “soft drink meets squirty cream”, you can’t but help be intrigued. Click here to read an interesting blog post that discusses the upside and downside of the idea.