News Bulletin 09.03.12


This week we’re Cheer-ful about a lot of things, but namely Jägermeister, Pepsi NEXT and Cartier jewellery…

Jagermeister's retro roots

Jägermeister (our Friday liqueur of choice) has recently teamed up with O-I to develop this limited edition bottle for the herbal liqueur. To the untrained eye, it might seem as if little has changed, however the muted colourways and a different label dial up a distinctly retro vibe. In addition, the graphic execution of the Hubertus deer head has been given more prominence, and embossed on the back of pack to boot.

Eyegasmic Cartier
Eyegasmic Cartier

Cartier exercised its animal instinct this week with this alluring new advert, L’Odysée de Cartier – hailed an ‘eyegasm’ by the online community. The epic advert features a leopard who journeys through various fantastical lands towards Paris, and along the way comes in to contact with a plethora of prized possessions. In a nutshell, the advert constitutes a brilliant (albeit slightly ostentatious) visual interpretation of Cartier’s aspirational brand language.

Cheering on the new Cheer laundry pack
Cheering on the new Cheer laundry pack

This week we’re championing the redesign of P&G’s US laundry brand Cheer, who have overhauled their bubbly image with this strikingly sophisticated new pack. The generic graphics and jolly logo have now been replaced with a pack that looks  altogether more confident, colourful and modern.

What's NEXT from Pepsi?

Pepsi NEXT is set to launch later this month, offering consumers a new cola experience that has 60% less sugar. Interestingly, there seems to be a couple of pack designs surfacing on the internet. The former is the more simplistic  of the two, and differentiates itself from the standard pack through a single graphic wave. The latter is the more revolutionary design which introduces silver to dial up premiumness, and contemporary graphics that inject a degree of dynamism.