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This week, you can read what our MD has to say about the new traffic light labelling system, and we talk about getting personal with consumers – all in the News Bulletin


Giving transparency in nutritional information the green light
Handing nutritional information to consumers on a plate

A new ‘traffic light’ labelling system has finally been given the green light, in a bid to make front-of-pack nutritional information more clear and consistent for consumers. A number of major food brands have signed up for the initiative – including the ‘big four’ supermarket retailers – but there remains some (Coca Cola and Kellogg’s, to name but a few) who have chosen not to adopt the system. You can read what our MD John Cassidy had to say about the move this week in Packaging News.


Innocent branding
Innocently making things personal

Creative Director at brand design agency Pure explains here what he describes as a recent ‘packaging revolution’; adopting a visual style that implies a ‘personal touch’, in a bid to appeal to the changing values of contemporary consumers. Or, as this post so succinctly puts it, incorporating ‘Visual Sincerity’ into pack design.


We’re buzzing about Bee-loved honey!

We saw faceting galore at this year’s Milan Design Festival, and have earmarked it as a hot design trend for 2013/14. This jar of Beeloved honey – faceted to within an inch of its life – is striking, differentiated and visually gives a nod to the product inside. Well, it’s certainly caused a buzz here at TBP.


From covers to the streets

Take a look at Penguin UK Books’ Street Art Series. The publisher has commissioned ten ‘world-renowned’ street artists to create original covers for ten contemporary classic titles. Giving a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘word on the street’…


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