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The news this week looks at how the word ‘luxury’ seems to no longer be a fitting descriptor for brands in the luxury sector, we consider how advertising on the London underground is set to change and talks about the emotions associated with colour.


With everything from biscuits to toilet roll adopting the language of luxury, it seems the word ‘luxury’  is no longer a fitting descriptor for the high-end market. In their book, The Luxury Strategy, Jean-Noel Kapferer and Vincent Bastien consider how premium brands will have to adapt; becoming essentially non-verbal, using imagery and social signalling to appeal in the culturally diverse, premium market.

Common luxury

Across the world underground stations have long been great platforms for advertising and brand promotion, but Transport for London’s new sponsorship plan could change the face of station-based advertising all together. After temporarily renaming Canada Water station to ‘Buxton Water’ to celebrate the brand’s support of the London Marathon last weekend, the transport company has revealed it will open up all stations to potential brand takeovers.

Great exposure for brands, but confusing for tourists!


Ryvita teamed up with Webb deVlam and The Big Picture to create a new identity and pack design for the crispbread brand. As well as demonstrating versatility across the brand’s portfolio, the design hopes to reframe consumers’ perceptions of Ryvita as a tasty lunch option, rather than a flavourless diet aid.

Cracking redesign!

SPR Design has redesigned RPH Group’s pharmaceutical packaging – a line of medicines used directly by doctors in Brazil. The design is a departure from existing medical packaging as colour is a main feature used to emotionally engage the patient; brightening up the doctors office and the patient’s day, without undermining the professionalism expected of the industry.

Possible side effect: positive emotional reactions


Continuing with the theme of colour, the ‘Psychology of Colour Pencil Set’ is a useful design tool produced by The School of Life – an international organisation dedicated to helping people develop emotional intelligence. The set teaches the user the emotional ‘power of colour’, as well as providing a full wheel of colouring opportunities.

Emotive pencils


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