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This week’s news considers what the world will be like by 2025, discusses design trend ‘visual authenticity’, looks at some rebellious ice cream packaging and wishes a happy 25th birthday to Photoshop!


SingularityHUB has released eight predictions for what they envisage the world to be like by 2025. One that particularly caught our eye is that augmented and virtual reality eyewear will replace the screen as we know it – with Microsoft pushing development of augmented reality with the Microsoft Hololens, this doesn’t seem so far in the future.

A view into the future

Many mainstream and niche brands alike are shunning the language of technology to communicate a more traditional design style, often described as ‘visual authenticity’. Osborne Pike cite a reason why so many brands are adopting this trend; the packaging style implicitly indicates hand-made, personally crafted products. To add to this, we believe it also creates a human connection between the brand and consumer, and so seems honest and believable.

Crafty branding


Taywell’s “no sugar added”, naturally sweetened, artisan ice-cream has been completely rebranded by UK-based design agency Honey Creative. The pack design represents both the sweet, deliciousness of the dessert itself and a rebellion against the common belief that a sweet treat will be unhealthy.

Rebellious by nature

Studio h has created the brand identity for snacking products Kale-Os and Coconut Pecks – brand extensions from healthy, raw snack brand Inspiral. Each design conveys a fun and quirky personality that aims to appeal to all ages, whilst still retaining the brand’s strong ‘eco’ credentials through a clean design style.

Eco snacks for all


Happy anniversary Photoshop! To celebrate twenty five years of PhotoshopAdobe has compiled a 60 second animation of the most creative and iconic creations from the last quarter century. To add to this, there is also a ‘Real or Photoshop‘ quiz, if you consider yourself an expert.


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