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This week we discuss the up-and-coming consumer group ‘Generation Z’, look at Dior’s in-store virtual reality goggles and review packaging such as the Kingsmill range redesign and coffee inspired by the iconic Twitter #failwhale.


Dior has recently launched ‘Dior Eyes’ –  virtual reality eyewear, designed with DigitasLBi Labs France. By bringing VR technology into the retail environment the brand aims to create an immersive experience that brings the consumer closer to the product; allowing them to walk around backstage at a recent fashion show.

It’s time for Millennials to step aside; born between the 1990s and 2000s, Generation Z are the next up-and-coming consumer generation. According to Global Web Index‘s quarterly survey from April 2015, ‘Gen Z’ makes up a quarter of the US population and so before long brands may have to adapt to remain relevant to the most digitally attuned generation to date, who do not remember a time before the internet.

A generation of digital natives


The #failwhale – an illustration of a whale held up by birds, used to indicate Twitter’s server downtime – is the inspiration behind this pack design for Canadian coffee and tea producer Perkse. Designed by Garage Design Collective, the communication relies solely on this iconic social object to convey the idea of downtime and relaxation.


The Big Picture joined Allied Bakeries and BrandOpus across two stages of research for the redesign of the Kingsmill range. As well as aiming to strengthen the brand and aid range navigation, the new design incorporates an updated logo that injects warmth, drives deeper emotional connection and helps position it as a ‘wholesome family favourite’.

A redesign that kneads toasting!


NASA has launched a competition that is literally ‘out of this world’. The 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge seeks designs for housing solutions that will aid deep space exploration. Reassuringly the project also aims to advance the capabilities of sustainable housing here on Earth. So there is no need to start packing, yet.

Designing for a galaxy far, far away


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