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Tess Kenning

Director, London

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This week we cover topics including scented alarm clocks, Google and Levi’s wearable technology project, craft soda and some very pretty packaging!


Google has partnered with Levi’s for Project Jaquard – a venture that aims to revolutionise wearable tech with the development of digitally connected textiles. The idea is that the jeans of the future will act like invisible, touch-sensitive interfaces, allowing the user to silence a phone call with a simple touch of the fabric.

Since our webinar ‘Tapping into design’s role in craft beer’ back in October 2014, the craft craze has exploded, particularly in craft sodas. Pepsico has just announced plans to launch its third craft offering, adding to existing products Caleb’s Kola and Mountain Dew ‘Dewshine’, with a new soda range dubbed ‘Stubborn Soda’. If you ask us, the next thing will be spirits – get in touch if you want to hear more about our new think piece on this very topic.

A sparkling example of how craft is spilling into soda


Nongfu Spring – a leading Chinese beverage brand – has collaborated with Horse to design the packaging and identity of a new mineral water, aimed specifically at the youth market. The design is based upon fantastical drawings from iIllustrator Brett Ryder, each depicting a different season and ‘bringing the world of the water source to life’.

Beautiful spring water

Remove the subtle canine cues and this pack design for Bocce’s Bakery, designed by Robot Food, resembles something you’d pick up for yourself from the local shop. The new identity aims to represent the small-batch company origins and hand-made nature of these all natural, organic dog treats.

What a treat!


French student Guillame Rolland has developed an alarm clock that does away with annoying beeps, instead using fragrances to gently wake the user. As well as being able to choose from the aroma of fresh coffee, croissants and even dollar bills, SensorWake has partnered with Swiss fragrance manufacturer Givaudan to develop individual scent options that will make getting out of bed more enjoyable and personalised.


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