News Bulletin


This week we talk about traditional wooden toys with digital capabilities, look at how brands can portray social responsibility through actions rather than words and look at some interesting beverage packaging examples.


The traditional wooden toy gets a digital makeover in the Avaki Doll by Berlin based start-up Vai Kai. The customisable Avaki doll aims to teach children about programming and The Internet of Things through creative play – controlled via an app, dolls can ‘communicate’ with each other via sounds, coloured light and optic touch feedback.

Techy toys!

For brands wanting to be socially responsible, it seems that telling consumers what you are all about doesn’t cut the mustard anymore – it’s actions that count. Waitrose’s ‘Community matters’ scheme and Innocent’s ‘Big Knit’ campaign are both examples of action based social initiatives; they create something that allows consumers to express their values when shopping and provide clear and physical evidence of their good nature.

Campaigning for good


In order to bring the brand up to date and stand out in the increasingly diverse plant-based water category, Evee has teamed up with QNY Creative to rebrand the identity and packaging of its Olive Water. The new design aims to create impact in a ‘fresh and bold way’, whilst also improving the flavour differentiation and overall communication of the product as a healthy, refreshing drink.

Looks tasty enough to drink olive it

Cola Maison is for those who want to enjoy the taste of a whisky and coke without drowning the spirit in a sugar-laden, fizzy soda – just a couple of drops of this syrup in whisky is all you need! The design feels authentic and borrows traditional cues from the spirits category; highlighting the natural ingredients and handmade process, with the addition of batch number detailing. Unfortunately the designer remains nameless – whoever you are please come forward!

Syrupy goodness!



Ogilvy & Mather and Pizza Hut have brought together two ingredients for the perfect night in – turning the standard pizza box into an impromptu film projector. At present the marketing stunt is limited to Hong Kong, but following a positive response the brand is looking to extend to other locations. Watch this space…


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