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Monkey jam and historic roundels this week in our News Bulletin

Cogs of Industry


Selfridges is exploring an alternative approach to retail with its ‘No Noise‘ initiative. Based on the insight that the world is a noisy place nowadays, the multi-faceted scheme includes the installation of meditation pods in store as well as an interesting ‘Quiet Shop’, in which products are available “debranded”.

Except, we’d argue (pedantically), that removing a logo isn’t quite debranding, since many other brand equities remain in place…

Commentary Corner

The insight that there’s three different ways that people drink from containers inspired a new design for Tetra-Pak

“Those of us working in the field of product package design know that even small changes can make an incredible impact on customer experience – having a long-term impact both on customer satisfaction and sales”.

Read about the research that inspires structural pack innovation here.

Pretty Packaging

Ooh Ooh Ah Ah!

Here’s a great bit of branding and packaging for a new banana-based jam. Ooh Ooh Ah Ah! (what a name!) was designed by Peck & Co., and features ‘Nom-Nom’ the monkey on the front. Bold, clear, characterful and differentiated.
One thought – will their customers really call it by its full name, or is it destined to become ‘the monkey jam’?

And Finally…

Paul McDevitt
Paul McDevitt’s take on the roundel

London Underground’s iconic ’roundel’ logo is 100 years old. To celebrate, TFL have an exhibition with 100 artists’ works inspired by the mark. See them all here.

Name That Brand

The Name That Brand in last week’s News Round-Up was… Perrier.

Think you can get this one?

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