News Bulletin 11.05.12


Ash Cook

Associate Director

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This week we’ve gone Greek, illustrative and showcase the best comb around…

Greek chic
Greek chic

It seems that Greek is ‘on trend’ for 2012, as this week saw dairy giant Danone launch Oykos; their standalone Greek-style yoghurt brand. Created to attract a younger, female audience,  Dragon Rouge were behind the distinctive packaging design which aims to convey premiumness and quality.

A Tyrell
A Tyrell’s-take on Jubilee crisps

Living up to their reputation as England’s ‘entertaining crisp’, Tyrrell’s is set to release a limited edition Jubilee pack, featuring the Union Jack. Not content with changing their exterior alone, each pack contains three varieties of coloured potatoes (red, white and blue don’t you know). Priced at a premium £2.99, the packs will be sold in the likes of Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason and Harrods. We’re sure Ma’am will approve.

Mic’s Chilli; an illustration of good design

Exuberance and attention to detail are what happen when you’re given a completely open brief to packaging design. This was indeed the case for start-up Irish sauce company, Mic’s Chilli, who approached illustrator Steve Simpson for help. The result is these lively looking packs, which take inspiration from South American folk art (BBQ sauce) and traditional Chinese designs (Sweet Chilli). Use of colour ensures the aesthetic isn’t at the sake of clear variant navigation.

Never forget Elephant Combs
Never forget Elephant Combs

This week, we can’t praise Elephant Combs enough for their distinctive logo, which integrates product communication into visual brand language. Genius.

SustainNEXT conference in Ireland
SustainNEXT conference in Ireland

And finally, as packaging design researchers, sustainability is always on our radar (indeed, we recently completed our very own study on the Semiotics of Sustainability). This week, the SustainNEXT conference in Ireland came to our attention. Held in October, the aim of the conference is to deepen our understanding of how sustainability will affect our organisations, with the aim of enabling us to develop and implement successful sustainability strategies thereafter. Can’t say fairer (greener?) than that really.