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This week we’re talking consumer co-creation, and we take a peek at Evian’s new slimmed-down look


Brewdog’s #Mashtag – a beer by the people, for the people

A few weeks back, we let on that ‘Made for me/by me’ is one of the Macro Trends to look out for in design in 2013/14. And it seems the FMCG industry aren’t the only ones jumping on board. BrewDog – a craft beer brand known for pushing boundaries –  have released #Mashtag, a ‘democratically designed’ beer, ‘by the people, for the people’. Using a collaborative approach, the brand invited drinkers to vote – via Twitter – on every element of the new brew, from beer style to bitterness. Could ‘Made for us/by us’ be the next big thing?


Hello (Google-owned!) Moto

Post-acquisition, how do you seamlessly merge two brands together? Well it seems Google have decided to bypass the ‘softly, softly’ approach, with their new logo for Motorola. This post argues that while not much strategic design thought appears to have gone into it, the logo ‘clearly signals change’ and ‘establishes who’s boss’ which, apparently, makes it a success. We, on the other hand, aren’t convinced that ‘showing ’em who’s boss’ is a credible measure for design success…


Evian Water bottle
What-er change for Evian

Drinks don’t get much simpler than water, and Evian have adopted this ethos in the redesign of their bottle. More streamlined, with a sleeker silhouette – the new design utilises transparency and simplicity to communicate pure and natural product credentials. It’s the brand’s first redesign in over a decade and we think it’s a great example of how even small evolutionary pack changes can ‘move mountains’.


Absolut paint the town yellow…

Last week it was Penguin, and this week it’s Absolut who have taken to the streets. The premium Vodka brand invited 27 artists to express their creativity and individuality on the streets of Brooklyn – in any which way they wish – as part of their ‘Transform Today’ campaign. Why stop at painting the town red when you can go the whole nine blocks?


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