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This week we talk social media, pick your own and beer-based beauty.


Cannes Lions
Cannes Lions 2015

This week, our blog feeds have been dominated by the big ideas emerging from Cannes Lions; much of it digital.

Amongst them, Peter Kim of Chiel Worldwide prophesied how brands may use social media in the future. He warned that inviting consumers to ‘join the conversation’ was no longer enough, and that they were demanding the ability to engage in ‘direct action’.

Elsewhere on the Croisette, Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel talked of the uneasy relationship some brands have with social media, championing the need to be friendly, but not a ‘buddy’.

Pick Your Own
Waitrose Pick Your Own Offers

This week Waitrose launched a new ‘pick your own offer’ scheme, giving their loyalty card holders 20% off 10 self-selected products.

At a Marketing Week event, marketing director Rupert Thomas warned that the current supermarket price war has made customers disloyal to the brands they like.  He’s hoping this new scheme could shift promotional activity to one that encourages loyalty.


Triangle Studio has created this pack design for South Korean skincare brand Ciracle – that promotes the provenance of the natural ingredients used in the products. The design highlights the ingredients, and their uses, through abstract illustrations of the plants and flowers in the mountainous landscape where they are found.

Pretty provenance


Carlsberg Beer Beauty is a brand extension from the Denmark-brewed beer brand that very few would have expected. CP+B Copenhagen has helped the brand develop a new line of male grooming products – and you guessed it, it’s made with beer!

Hoppy hair


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