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Tess Kenning

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This week the news features highlights from the New Designers exhibition, we consider how insects could be used as a food source and talk about Burger King Japan’s new red-coloured burger.


With the New Designers exhibition celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, we headed to the Business Design Centre to check out what the talent of the future had to offer. ‘Thoth’, a watch that tells the time using the the Moon’s movement, caught our eye, alongside ‘Consumption Sensitivity’ – traditional money redesigned to change consumer behaviour to increase happiness, reduce anxiety, and encourage financial freedom.

Designs of the future?

This week The Economist took to the streets of London to dish out free ‘insect ice-cream’ in a bid to entice new readers and show its support for a sustainable future based on eating creepy-crawlies for protein. The trend creeps beyond ice-cream, with Mexican restaurant chain Wahaca recently adding the grasshopper-based ‘Chapulines fundido’ to its menu.

“I’ll have a side of crickets with that please”


With the UK experiencing the “hottest July day on record” this week, many will have been wishing they had this product in their pocket. Norwegian sun care brand SoLRX Europe has been redesigned by Alexander Flammier Mustkaug using a colour coding system that matches the level of protection, with type of outdoor activity – blue for low-tempo activity through to intense black for sporty fun in the sun.

This definitely won’t wash off!

This Bean-to-Bar chocolate from LYRA shows off its pure cocoa credentials through this minimalist design by Michal Slovák. The design aims to playfully represent the intense cocoa content and the purity of the ‘Bean-to-Bar’ process – the beans are crushed on site before being moulded into chocolate, to ensure it remains of the richest and high quality.

Purely beautiful!


If the all-black ‘Kuro-burger’, launched by Burger King Japan in 2014, wasn’t enough to satisfy the country’s wacky fast food tastes, Burger King has now unveiled the ‘Aka Samurai‘. The bun and cheese are tinted with red tomato powder to express the hot and spicy flavourings within.

Red-y to eat!


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