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In this issue we look at the world’s first artificially intelligent ad campaign that evolves by tracking human reactions, four of the proposed designs for a new pedestrian bridge in London, ant-infused gin packaging and explore some products designed to make Mondays more enjoyable.


M&C Saatchi has installed an outdoor ad on Oxford Street, London, that evolves in resonse to human emotions. Touted as “the world’s first artificially intelligent ad”, the digital poster is equipped with a Kinect camera that tracks which of the ever changing images and fonts engage passers-by.

Four designs have been shortlisted in the competition to create a new pedestrian bridge over the river Thames in London, with Buro HappoldBystrup Architecture Design and Ove Arup & Partners the agencies selected. The bridge is also claimed to be “the first in the centre of a major world city to be designed specifically around the needs of cyclists and pedestrians”.

We can’t get over how great these are


A closer look at the packaging for Anty Gin – a joint venture from Nordic Food Lab and The Cambridge Distillery – reveals its very unique ingredient, the Red Wood Ant. The label looks as if it originates in a laboratory, representing the experimental nature of the gin and the scientific process involved to infuse it. With the essence of approximately sixty-two ants per bottle, this is a great example of the emerging trend for insect-based foods – a trend recently adopted by Wahaca, with the introduction of grasshopper to the menu.

Insect-infused alcohol

Tokyo-based agency Aizawa Office has created classically inspired packaging for SA SHI SU SE SO – a line of basic seasonings from Food Relaition Co. The range of sugar, salt, vinegar, soy sauce and miso are each identified by a symbol, that when combined on pack hark to the iconic flower of Tokyo – the Cherry Blossom. 

A blossoming design


Ideo NYC has created a series of conceptual products designed to make Mondays more pleasant. The collection, entitled Monyay!, features alarm clock ‘Lolzzz’ – that offsets incessant ringing with a child’s happy laughter – and ‘Notifly’ – a device designed to sit on your desk and blow bubbles to let you know when a meeting approaches.

Bring on Monday morning!



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