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This week we talk about brands who are adopting the language of emojis, Jameson’s new Wild Sloe Berry Bitters packaging and introduce a new exhibition at the Tate that allows you to taste the paintings!


Many brands are recognising the power of emojis – the first truly global language and go-to shorthand for expressing emotion – by incorporating them into their marketing campaigns. Both Pepsi and IKEA have created their own branded ’emoji catalogues’, while Pepsi took things a step further by releasing an advert without any dialogue, instead communicating solely via these symbols.

In line with its sponsorship of Team GB for the Rio 2016 Olympics, Aldi is launching a year-long campaign to “celebrate its Britishness” – perhaps not a move you’d expect from the German-owned retailer. The brand aims to mark its quarter century in the UK by demonstrating its support of the British economy and understanding of the UK consumer, while also promoting its “fresh, affordable, Great British food”.

Great British groceries


Jameson Irish Whiskey adds to their line of spirits with their new Wild Sloe Berry Bitters. The design, by Pearlfisher, aims to create a visually distinctive look for the brand in what has become a saturated category, while also reflecting its traditional Irish roots and the hand-foraged nature of the product ingredients.

Design doesn’t get any Bitter!

US-based Stony Creek Brewery has released a set of beers that are each designed to be drunk during different seasons.  Response Marketing aimed to capture “the feelings of the seasons” and reflect the unique flavourings of each beer with the delicate pastel colours and illustrations.

sun beer
Hops for every season!


A new exhibition at the Tate Britain, opening on the 26th of August, will allow art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the paintings very literally, by tasting them. Sensorium lets you experience art with all of your senses and asks whether sound, smell, taste and touch can affect the way we interpret art.

Tasty Tate


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