News Bulletin 12.08.11


Folding boxes and smashing pint glasses in this week’s News Bulletin

It’s always great when you see good product design complemented by good packaging design, as is the case for baby brand Minijumi and their Very Hungry feeding bottle. Given the product itself is rather innovative (its design is set to replicate the most natural experience between parent and child after breastfeeding), the challenge for the pack was to communicate a distinctive, premium yet simple nature. Designer Dan Stiles opted to take structural cues from a milk carton with a rich red colourway with gloss finish to bolster standout and dial up quality cues.

Check out this beautiful bottle design by Neiman Marcus (a luxury US department store), which perfectly encapsulates not simply the fragrance collection, A Dozen Roses, but also the essence of a rose itself; delicacy, sophistication, originality. One for the budding collector, the design of these bottles is hinged entirely upon their visual artwork – which features a textured finish on both sides that is reminiscent of perfumery bottles from ‘the old days’.  The cap’s gold colourways and use of heavy embossing heightens premium cues, whilst a simple, square bottle structure ensures the product remains suitably contemporary and sleek.

Fancy a pint? It’s a question that has plagued the Design Out Crime council for a while. Indeed, given there are roughly 90,000 violent incidents involving glassware each year, the council have been researching ways to develop safer alternatives to the traditional pint glass. In collaboration with Design Bridge, two prototype glasses have so far been created with the aim of reducing injuries caused in glassing attacks. Although these prototypes have the look and feel of conventional glasses, they bond two ultra-thin layers of glass together (in a similar fashion to car windscreens) in order to stop the glasses breaking into loose shards. Click here to watch the design story behind the next generation pint glass.

And finally… a rather quaint concertina style box courtesy of Design Packaging Inc for Michelin-starred restaurant, Auberge du Soleil in Napa Valley. The flexible structure of ‘the Squeeze box’ not only offers protection for the rather mouthwatering truffles inside, but allows for optimal display of the product too. A great example of ingenious functionality coupled with impeccable style.