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This week we take a look at Listerine’s new ‘Smile Detector’ app and campaign film, talk about the niche ice cream brands entering the market, share some art-inspired wine packaging and explore Water is Life’s revolutionary ‘Drinkable Book’.


Listerine plans to explore ‘what a smile means and the impact it has on those around you’ in their new campaign ‘Feel Every Smile’. It centres around the brand’s Advanced White Mouthwash and new ‘Smile Detector‘ app, created by JWT and in partnership with the RNIB, that utilises facial recognition technology to help blind people know when someone is smiling at them.

The ice cream industry is opening up to niche, start-up brands thanks to changing tastes towards sugar and the increasingly health-conscious consumer. Consumers are turning away from the mainstream in search of Jude’s and Wheyhey, that offer an array of exciting ingredients and added functional health benefits – could this be it for the classic vanilla, strawberry and chocolate?

Small-batch gelato


Designed by BRND WGN, these all-natural, dairy-free popsicles from California-based Dr. Feelgood Frozen Pops have a lighthearted, playful and retro feel to the packaging – reflecting the exciting, vintage-inspired flavourings within the range such as ‘Granny Smith, Lime and Mint’ and ‘Salted Caramel and Apple’.

A vintage type of design

‘Abstract art that reflects the depth of flavour in the wine’ is the idea behind this striking design for Rojalet Wines. The design agency, ATIPUS, aimed to design packaging that directly reflects the product inside, as well as a range that stands out in what is a highly competitive category; not only in visual appeal but taste too.

Abstract alcohol


Water is Life and researchers at Carnegie Mellon have developed ‘The Drinkable Book’ – an informative read on the dangers of unsanitary water, that doubles up as a lifesaving tool. Each page of the book can be used as a filter, capable of turning water of the worst quality into clean drinking water.


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