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Are blog-based online platforms the future for brands targeting the Millennial consumer? We discuss Nescafé’s move to sharing site Tumblr, talk about wirelessly connected cosmetics, rainbow-coloured tortilla chips and join in with all the Rugby World Cup excitement!


Nescafé is the first global brand to shun the traditional website and move to the blog-based, sharing site Tumblr. The brand intends to position the platform as a source of inspiration for consumers and hopes the sites interactive nature will engage a younger java-loving audience, and drive e-commerce sales. Is this the future for brands targeting the Millennial consumer?

Millennial marketing

Following on from the 3D-printed skin experiment, beauty brand L’Oréal plans to delve deeper into the world of technology by exploring the idea of smart make-up. Although it’s early days for the concept, the launch of wirelessly connected cosmetics may bring more accurate shopper insights through behaviour-tracking and ongoing engagement after purchase. Watch this space!

The future of make-up?


With Amsterdam Navigator’s new convenient ‘Beer Shot’, simply slip the small 237ml can in your pocket and have a refreshing beverage whenever and wherever you want! Designed by Viewpoint Branding Agency, the simplistic black, white and red packaging aims to emphasise the beer’s qualities, as referenced on-pack – deep, robust and rich.

Hop shots

Introducing Rainbow Chips, a special limited-edition offering made in partnership with the It Gets Better Project to celebrate and support the LGBT community. Individuals who donate $10 or more to the charity will gain exclusive access to the product and the rainbow coloured Dorito chips inside.

Taste the rainbow with Doritos


Even before the Rugby World Cup kicked off last week in the UK, a whole host of brands had already been getting in on the action. Some of the highlights include Samsung’s ‘School of Rugby’ advert and the humorous Lucozade ‘Strictly For The Home Nations Only’ campaign, but our favourite has to be the slightly outrageous ‘Men in Black’ in-flight safety video from Air New Zealand, featuring the All Blacks, that became an overnight internet sensation.


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