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This week we continue the theme of a recent blog post on sensorial storytelling by taking a look at how Foyles has designed their store to appeal to the senses. Also included is personalised packaging from Snickers, craft beer-flavoured chocolate and a look at what contactless payment might be like in the future!


Foyles plans to use the senses to enhance the in-store experience for consumers visiting their Birmingham branch. Designed by Lustedgreen, the literary environment will incorporate a series of immersive elements, including ‘Aroma Machines’ and ‘Sounds Showers’ – consumers will be met with scents such as freshly cut grass at the entrance, bubblegum in the child’s section and will be able to listen to their favourite author reading aloud in certain areas of the store.

Sensorial storytelling

Mars Chocolate has revealed new designs for Snickers that tap into the personalised packaging trend, something seen recently with the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign. Released in conjunction with the fun ‘Dial-a-Snickers‘ ad, the bars replace the brand name with 21 different ‘symptoms of hunger’ – so whether you are grumpy, impatient, whiny or forgetful, there is a bar for everyone! If you want to hear more about snacking trends, get in touch – we’ve written a thinkpiece on it!


Cerveza Lola wants to celebrate the vibrant flavours of Mexico with this limited-edition bottle for its Cascabel IPA. It’s an interesting juxtaposition to put child-like illustration on a beer label, but we think it works. Here’s some other times it works too.

Design to bring out your inner child!

To represent the hand-made nature of The Wellington Chocolate Factory’s range of confectionary, the packaging for each bar features unique hand-rendered illustrations, from various New Zealand-based artists. Designed by Inject Design, the abstract artwork beautifully depicts the individual flavours of the chocolate, such as ‘craft beer’ and ‘coconut milk’ – see if you can tell which flavour is which!

Crafty chocolate


Visa Europe have teamed up with students from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design to develop ideas for what wearable payment technology may be like in the future. Of the three concepts, ‘Small Change’ particularly caught our eye – it allows users to collect their loose change into one wearable, digital device. The other two concepts, ‘Budgeteer’ and ‘Thread’, can be viewed here.


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