News Bulletin


Yoga beer and ‘A man of yogurt’. It’s time for the weekly news bulletin…


Last week, we stumbled across W+K’s new ‘A man of yogurt’ campaign for Yoplait Greek 100, and we were surprisingly tickled by it. Featuring touch-guy actor, Dominic Purcell, some of the the ads smartly position Yoplait as the perfect snacking solution, whilst others juxtapose the burly Purcell with the light, fluffiness of the product itself.

So often, ‘funny’ advertising feels forced, predictable and over-cooked. This campaign feels disarmingly charming, and can’t help but raise a smile.

Fitbit has stormed the world with its range of fitness tracking devices. Now this concept has been hacked by The Carbon Trust to create Worldbeing – a wearable fitbit-esque device that makes it easier to understand the “carbon cost” of daily life. We hope it comes in green.


Winning this month’s ‘most unexpected brand extension’ is yoga brand Lululemon, who have recently announced the launch of a craft beer, ‘Curiosity Lager’. Although the mash up of yoga and beer seems a bit bizarre, we can’t deny the pack design is a winner. Turns out the beer isn’t bad either.

Downward facing hops


If, like us, you enjoy The Dieline’s weekly ‘Concepts we wish were real’, then you’ll love this. The concept art for Bolonaf, an artisan chocolatier from Philadelphia, features a pack design that refreshingly avoids the category codes expected from such a brand – instead it’s vibrant, punchy and futuristic.

Chocolate, with none of the clichés


With the changing of the season, we’re getting itchy feet for the great autumnal outdoors. Perfect timing then for the release of ‘Cabin Porn’; a book that celebrates the 200 most beautiful and innovative cabins ever designed. We wouldn’t even mind if there was no WiFi… maybe.


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