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A car made specifically for Gen Z, Tom Dixon’s immersive retail experience in London, socially responsible energy bars and paying for items online by selfie – it’s the news!


Millennials are old hat it seems, especially to Nissan, who has designed a concept car specifically for ‘Gen Z’ (consumers born after the late ’90s). ‘Teatro for DayZ’ is built for a generation who speak the language of technology – the car interior features large touchscreens and seats that can be personalised to suit your every mood.

Nissan car
Nissan targets the touchscreen generation

If you’re in London, head to furniture designer Tom Dixon’s ‘Multiplex’ – a pop-up department store in London’s Old Selfridges Hotel. Created to counteract the shift towards online shopping, the immersive, multi-sensory installation considers what the department store of the future might be like. If all future stores are set to feature an immersive spa experience from perfume brand Haeckels and an Aston Martin concept car, we are sold!

Retail of the future?


This African art-inspired packaging from Yebo – an energy bar made from fruit from the coffee plant – not only champions the product’s cultural origins but aims to highlight the ‘do-good’ nature of the brand. Yebo uses up the discarded, nutrient-rich fruit from the coffee harvest, while also giving farmers an added income. Socially responsible, sustainable and tasty – what more could you want from an energy bar!

An energy bar that does good!


Nutritional vitamin packaging gets a futuristic makeover with UNICO’s new line of sports supplements. The shiny, scientific and semi-luminescent look intends to position the range as ultra-premium – something we think it achieves – and is looking to be “symbolic of the freedom to express yourself through fitness”.

Scientific supplements


First it was contactless, then recently, Apple Pay took over as the new, fast mobile payment method. Already, some are asking what’s next? That question is something MasterCard has been considering – the brand plans to launch a new ‘Pay by Selfie’ feature in 2016 in the US. Watch this space…

Selfie secure spending


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