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Tess Kenning

Director, London

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This week’s news talks about gamification, explores Starbucks new store design and looks at some very pretty craft spirits packaging to celebrate our up coming webinar on the subject!


Starbucks gets a contemporary makeover with the opening of a new branch in Leicester Square, London. The lofty store interior, fitted with floor to ceiling windows, aims to offer “a theatrical experience” for customers. Perhaps the most striking feature is that the kitchen and seating areas are merged, creating transparency around how drinks and food are made – a move the brand hopes will build trust with consumers.

See-through Starbucks

Following on from the likes of Zizzi’s, Marks & Spencer are one of the latest brands to use gamification in a bid to create long term engagement with consumers. The food and fashion retailer has just launched the new Sparks loyalty card that offers consumers a chance to ‘unlock’ promotional surprises and gain access to exclusive events. Each point earned hopes to give consumers that ‘boost’ they’re used to in mobile games such as Candy Crush.

A playful way to capture consumer’s attention

This week’s pretty packaging is focused around the world of craft spirits to celebrate our upcoming Webinar ‘Crafting the next story; Millennials, storytelling & craft spirits’ taking place on November 5th. You can find out more and sign up here.


Environmentally conscious vodka is perhaps not a concept you’d expect, but Conca Panamericano is just that! Water charity Dig Deep and Conca Vodka teamed up to create a spirit made from purified, recycled swimming pool water, to draw attention to California’s water-wastage crisis. The limited-edition bottle, designed by The Yellow Loft, is gaining a lot of attention from the likes of Save the Drop, Kind and Boxed Water, for both its vibrant design and the message it conveys; “every drop counts”.

Conscious Conca

Warner Edwards Craft Gin, designed by Biles Inc, is a great example of how packaging can help bring the product story to life. The bottle shape and cigar-like wax seal oozes craftsmanship, while intricate illustrations depicting the English Lion and Welsh Dragon reflect the origins of the gin.

Spirits with a story


Last week we went back to the future, quite literally. October 21st 2015 was the day Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown travelled to in the film ‘Back to the Future II’ in 1989. So did any of the predictions made in the film prove true? Well, while we haven’t quite found a way for cars to fly, we do have 3D movies, facial recognition and high-tech specs in the form of Goggle Glass. Most excitingly, to celebrate the day, Nike gifted Michael J Fox with his very own, working pair of ‘self-tying sneakers’.


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