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Tess Kenning

Director, London

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Beer flavoured ice cream, levitating whisky, Movember’s new fitness initiative and Google’s Halloween treat – the news takes a look at the weird and wonderful this week!


After 12 years of Movember, surely every style of moustache has now been grown? This may have been a question the health charity asked recently, as Movember takes on a new approach this year – the ‘move’ initiative, now challenges people to commit to a form of physical activity everyday. This change hopes to attract a wider audience and support the charity as it moves to focus more on men’s health in general.

Movember moves beyond the moustache

Glenfidditch are the latest brand to use the senses, particularly sound, to bring the story of their most recent product offering to life. In the film, made with TenHertz, vibrations from the music of Scottish and Caribbean artists make the whisky seem to dance and even levitate. The overall effect is an eye-catching, memorable visual experiment that celebrates the product’s origin and quality. For more about how brands can use the senses, check out our recent blog post “What we’ve learnt about sensorial storytelling“.


Ice cream and craft beer are two things we are used to seeing together, especially when enjoyed on a warm summer day, but can they work as one combined product? Well, Colorado’s New Belgium Brewing and ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s plan to do just that, launching the ‘Salted Caramel Brown-ie Ale’ limited edition tub. Beer, caramel and chocolate brownie – what could be better, right?

Hops on ice!

The packaging for Smells like Spells – a line of incense, candles and other scented products – is designed so that “even opening the wrapping feels like a journey”. The minimalistic graphics and tinted glassware feel ultra-premium and expensive, a contrast to the earthy wooden tops, which highlight the natural origins of each scent.

This packaging has us spellbound!


Last week, Google was on hand to help out Halloween enthusiasts across the US secure those coveted ‘best costume’ prizes. Google Frightgeist, the latest data visualisation from the web giant, made scoping out the competion easy, by pulling data from online costume searches to predict the most popular costume by region. What a treat!

A frightfully good service!



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